56 Packs DIY Slime Supplies Kit, Fishbowl Beads, Foam Balls, Glitter Jars, Fruit Slices, Mucus Tool Make Your Own Craft Homemade Sunreal


Color:56 pack

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  • SLIME BEADS MATERIAL: These beads are made of 100% plastic, which is safe, environmentally friendly, smooth and odorless, and comfortable to touch.
  • WIDELY USED: Suitable for making mucus; flower pot decoration; fish tank decoration; DIY crafts; can be used as wedding, birthday party decoration, etc..
  • MAKE WONDERFUL MUCUS: Add a variety of glittering pieces, fruit slices, etc. to your mucus. Suitable for kids DIY what they want to add to the mucus, many friends like to make a variety of mucus to relax life.
  • Create your own mucus creations based on your preferences, exercise your child's coordination skills with hands, eyes and brain to develop your child's creativity and imagination.
  • WARM TIPS: Mucus beads made of plastic, not suitable for children under 3 years old, can only play, not edible.

Product Description
Color:56 pack

They can be decorated with beautiful shapes such as fruit slices; flash slices; foam ball. They are both fun and creative, can help you make your own mucus.
You can choose different things to make fancy mucus (colored foam beads, aquarium beads, fruit slices, various flash cans) to decorate your own mucus kit, DIY your mucus party.
This product does not contain mucus.
Not suitable for children under 3 years old, can only play, can not eat.
Store or use a foam ball in a place where there is no wind to avoid it being blown away.
The slime kit includes:
3 x fruit slices
6 x foam ball
12 x Sugar paper
24 x flash slices
5 x Fishbowl beads
1 x Mucus Tool

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