AquaSol Orange, Water soluable Jewelry Injection Wax, 1lb Precizioned

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PZ-WS 708F is a general purpose non-filled water soluble wax developed for the production of small and complex soluble cores for the jewelry casting industry. This unique formulation is designed to provide excellent surface finish, minimal contraction, low cavitation and superior strength for extremely delicate components. It also exhibits excellent resistance to cracking and crazing often seen in the creation of soluble cores. In addition, PZ-WS 708F is technically formulated to dissolve readily and free of residue in warm water baths. Agitation of the bath, clean acid solution and avoiding high wax saturation all afford for improved dissolution and efficient core leaching. Also recommended are routine bath changes and a small amount of nonionic detergent to aid in the prevention of residue adherence on patterns once the cores have been dissolved.

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