Comfom Lumbar Support Pillow for Office Chair & Car Seat - Wide Soft Home Comfort Memory Foam Cushion with Straps & Washable Cover - Lower Back Pain Relief Ergonomic Orthopedic Design (Black) Zhuomei Furniture comfom-blackbacksupport



Size:L 16x16x4

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Size:L 16"x16"x4"  |  Color:Black

Comfom is focused on developing in home and office comfort accessories, this includes our newest generation of product - Comfom Memory Foam Back Pillow. We have made an enormous amount of research in order to create a health care buddy for you - unique conception, adequate size, high quality memory foam, breathable mesh cover, dual elastic slip proof straps. Soft enough to provide relief for those who suffer from chronic back pain, sciatic sore and spine discomfort, and sturdy enough for daily use for years. Larger and higher size than most of other pillows - that means more area to disperse your stress The thickness from 2.5 inches to 4 inches according to body curve can perfectly fill the lumbar gap while sitting, but will not take up too much chair space. Multi-angle embracing design molds admirably to the arch of your body when you lean back on the cushion The lumbar pillow definitely helps those who hunch over all day sitting at a desk. It can transform slouches at work or at study to improved comfortable posture Mommy-to-be faces lower back ache while she carries the baby inside her womb. Comfom supportive pillow will be a godsend for the would-be-mother to take off lumbar pressure. Make long distance driving comfortable - maintain the posture and minimize the pain in the lower back You will not get sweaty with long sitting sessions with this cushion because of the breathability of the cover.

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