Gray Suede Leather Passport Holder/Passport Cover/Gifts For Travelers/Travel Gifts/Passport Leather Pouch

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Product Description

A designer hand made passport leather cover with a rough yet feminine look.
Crass seems that have prominent presence that show case the high quality hand made work.

Perfect as a gift for travelers (-:

✲ Measurements:

10.5 cm x 14.5 cm / 4'' x 5.7'' (close size)
21 cm x 14.5 cm / 8.2'' x 5.7'' (open size)

✲ Available Colors :

Black Full Grain Leather
Brown Full Grain Leather
Nude Full Grain Leather

Red Gold Soft Italian Leather
Pink Gold Soft Italian Leather
Gold Soft Italian Leather
Silver Soft Italian Leather

Black Suede Leather
Brown Suede Leather
Blue Suede Leather
Gray Suede Leather

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