OEM VW Audi A4 B6 1.8T B5 Passat Timing Belt Kit with Metal Impeller Water Pump WolfsburgTuning.com

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  • This OEM kit includes: 06A 121 012G, Water Pump (metal impeller) - HEPU 06B 109 119F, Timing Belt - Continental 06A 109 243A, Tensioner Roller - NTN 06B 109 477A, T-Belt Tensioner Damper - NTN 06B 109 244, Tensioner Damper Roller - NTN
  • Please Check Fitment Chart Below for Correct Fitment!
  • You can send us your Vin to Check Fitment!
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Product Description

If you have a bad water pump or timing belt component it is always best to replace all the moving parts. Most VW's & Audi's require timing component replacement around 00K miles or 0 years. Replace it all and be done for another 00K.
**Make sure you use the proper coolant when refilling the cooling system**
This OEM kit includes: 06A 2 02G, Water Pump (metal impeller) - HEPU 06B 09 9F, Timing Belt - Continental 06A 09 24A, Tensioner Roller - NTN 06B 09 477A, T-Belt Tensioner Damper - NTN 06B 09 244, Tensioner Damper Roller - NTN.
Please Check Fitment Char below for accurate fitment.
Audi A4:
Avant B5 200 .8T Quattro
Avant B6 2002 - 2005 .8T Quattro
Convertible B6 200 - 2006 .8T FWD
Convertible B6 2004 .8T Quattro
B5 200 - 2005 .8T FWD & .8T Quattro

VW Passat B5:
200 - 2005 .8T FWD
2004 - 2005 .8T 4 Motion

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